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Metal zipper

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    Metal zipper
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      Skills for distinguishing the quality of metal zippers


      The upper teeth of the metal zipper must also be tightly fastened on the first tooth of the zipper, but the distance between the products must not exceed 1 mm. The part of the product zipper, because it usually has its self-locking function, so when starting the metal zipper, it will be easy and comfortable. When locking, it should also be firm. It is absolutely impossible to see the phenomenon of sliding amount.

      The tooth surface of the metal zipper must be very smooth, so that it will feel smoother in the process of pulling, and there is no noise. The product needs to be combined with its cloth belt. The color of the cloth belt must be uniform, and there can be no stain on the cloth belt.

      The cloth around the metal zipper must be tightly fastened on the cloth belt, so it is not easy to break and fall off in the process of use. Another advantage is that it is more washable, and the product should be more comfortable to insert whether it is swinging or sheathing.

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