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Share with you the reason why the zipper will be disconnected

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The arrival of zippers has brought great convenience to our life. When we use zippers, sometimes we will encounter situations where zippers will be disconnected. Why? Today Dongguan Zipper wholesale manufacturers share with you the reasons for the disconnection of zippers.




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1. Chain looseness: check before use. When the chain is loosen, the chain sag between sprocket and idler, idler and idler is too large. When the chain moves up and down, the hanging shaft will jump out of its hanging slot because the hanging shaft is close to the opening.




2. Improper operation: When the follow-up equipment of the zipper is shut down, the zipper is not stopped in time. When the outlet is blocked, the material between the sprocket and the chain is clamped, the meshing will change. When the chain is loose and tight, the chain will be disjointed.




3. Non-uniform movement of chains: We all know that chains have certain sag in transmission. When chains are separated from sprockets, they move at non-uniform speed with changes in direction and size. When the chain is separated from the sprocket and the speed is greater than that of the front part of the chain, the hanging shaft will run out of the hanging shaft slot because the opening of the hanging shaft slot is close.




4. The drying and shaking of chain grooves and chains: because the concrete part of the chain grooves falls off, sometimes with the chain joints, the operation resistance changes greatly, which aggravates the shaking of the chain and causes disjoints, at this time it is impossible to work. When the resistance is too large, it will cause a small number of reversal of the driving wheel after the equipment jumps and stops. At this moment, the chain joints at the back are not able to move because of the longer chain and the larger sag, which also briefly constitutes a disconnection.




The above content is today Dongguan Zipper wholesaler for you to share the reason that the zipper will be disconnected, want to know more about zipper knowledge, welcome to @Xiaobian.

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