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Reasons for Paint Return of Zipper Head

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When we use zippers, we will find that many zippers are treated. For example, some zippers are sprayed and some are electroplated. But in the process of using the zipper, the zipper head of the zipper will fall off the paint. What is the reason?




Production Recovery of Dongguan Metal Zipper





Paint spray head:




Because the paint on the spray head is a thin layer, its adhesion and wear resistance are limited to a certain extent, so for the impact or hanging of external forces, it is possible to cause the paint coating to fall off.




Electroplating head:




The wear resistance of the electroplated product is better than that of the spray paint product, but the impact or scratch may also cause the surface coating to fall off.




So don't deliberately collide the zipper with other hard objects in the normal wearing process. When washing clothes at ordinary times, the zipper should be pulled flat and some protective measures should be taken to prevent the zipper from rubbing and colliding with the wall of the laundry bucket during the laundry process and dropping the paint.




Guangdong zipper manufacturer tells you that in general, the paint dropping place of zipper is concentrated in the prominent or edge position of the zipper head, but the degree of paint dropping will be different because of the treatment process and condition.

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