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Benefits of Metal Zipper Electroplating

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Metal zipper is a kind of zipper. It refers to the zipper whose midtooth is made of copper, white copper or aluminum. You will find that many metal zippers are electroplated. What are the advantages of metal zipper electroplating?




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Metal zipper electroplating is a chemical reaction, not an electrolytic reaction. Metal zipper electroplating chemicals are specially sold through major experience. The colors that can be made are bronze (different brightness can be divided into ordinary green ancient, ancient sweep green, bright green ancient), electro-gold, platinum, light gold, rose gold and other colors.




The effect of chemical reaction is also different because of the difference in the use of copper materials. At present, H85, H65 (higher copper content, higher expression quantity) copper is a common raw material, copper is pursued by the high brightness effect of general H90 use, such as rose gold.




Because electroless plating has only a very thin layer and unstable properties, the chain gear process (transparent protective paint) in hot areas can generally maintain color, and resist corrosion and oxidation.




Aluminum or copper zippers are free from alkaline and acidic substances or dampness, and can keep the process intact, thus avoiding wet oxidation and corrosion of metal gears.




Metal is usually hanging plating process (hanging plating coating is very thin, hands can rub off), and then a layer of protective film, will not fade, but this protective film will wear after long use, so when using and purchasing, we must recognize the zipper plating process, as long as strictly in accordance with the production of metal zippers, the service life will be relatively long. Long.




Many metal zipper manufacturers in the production and processing of metal zippers will be metal zipper electroplating in order to prolong the service life of metal zipper electroplating.

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