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How to install nylon zipper in cloth?

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Nylon zipper is a kind of zipper, which is made up of nylon monofilament winding center line by heating and pressing die. How to install nylon zipper in cloth?




Recycling nylon zipper in Dongguan





1. Prepare nylon zippers and materials that need zippers first.




2. Where zippers need to be installed, use 1.5 cm wide seams to sew them sparsely first, and then ironing them separately. If you don't need a zipper for the entire sewing, then the needle spacing for the non-zipper part should be a little more compact, and the starting and ending positions should be fixed with a reverse needle.




3. Align the nylon zipper face down with the seam in the middle, and fix it with the seam sparsely by hand sewing needle.




4. Turn the cloth to the front and install a single-sided press foot for sewing zipper on the sewing machine. Push the press foot down on the right side of the machine needle. Start from the right side of the opening of nylon zipper and press a clear thread on the fabric with 0.7 cm seam.




5. When sewing one side and preparing to sew the other side, first look at the position of the bottom zipper wrapping iron. If you can avoid it, you can turn 90 degrees directly and let the machine needle cross the top of the zipper to the other side to start sewing. When turning, the machine needle should be placed in the lowest position, then the press foot should be raised, and then the press foot should be lowered to continue sewing after turning. When sewing over the zipper teeth, do not step on the electric motor, but turn the sewing wheel by hand so that the needle carefully crosses the nylon zipper teeth, so as to avoid needle breakage.




6. If the cladding iron is just in the turning position, then you have to push the foot down to the left of the needle and sew a clear line on the left from the opening. Be careful not to forget to reverse the needle at the beginning and end of the line pressing. Finally, remove the sparse seams on the cloth.




7. For those who are proficient in vehicle method, it is not necessary to dredge the seams first, but for novices, it is necessary to take more steps in the production process. Although it is a bit troublesome, it can ensure satisfactory results.




In our life, compared with metal zippers and resin zippers, nylon zippers have the characteristics of low cost, high output and high popularity.

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