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How to maintain handbag zipper?

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Handbag zipper is composed of zipper teeth, zipper, limit code (front code and rear code) or locking parts. So how to maintain the handbag zipper?




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1. It is not only clothes that need to change the ironing temperature according to the material quality, but also handbag zippers that need to be ironed at the appropriate temperature, so as to maintain the firmness and beauty of zippers under the suitable material temperature. Yifeng Zipper Factory warmly reminds us that when ironing, the zippers of any material should be zipped on the teeth and the zippers of zippers should be put flat and fixed on the zippers. Place the cloth in the right place and press it.




2. When ironing the spray-painted pull head, it must not be ironed, so as not to remove the paint.




3. When switching the zipper, sometimes the zipper can not move because the zipper clips to the cloth. At this time, if blindly strong zipper, will only make the Buka tighter, so as far as possible to pull the cloth stuck in the zipper out and then pull the zipper back to its original position, if completely stuck, do not overexert, as long as slowly pull up. In addition, when sewing zippers, attention should also be paid to the smoothness of sewing.




4. If the zipper of the handbag is not smooth, the effect can be improved by applying candles or leather wax to the zipper. If there is a little denitrification, you can use matching leather paste to complement the color or use white electric oil n-ethane to wipe the denitrification part lightly to remove stains.




Above is the maintenance method of handbag zipper explained by Xiaobian today.

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