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The metal zipper is stuck. Don't worry.

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Metal zipper is a kind of zipper, which is made of copper, white copper or aluminium. Compared with nylon zipper and resin zipper, metal zipper is more robust and is mostly used in jeans, coats and backpacks. The metal zipper can't zip up. It's stuck. What can we do?




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First, pull off the top big tooth of the zipper with pliers, and pull both sides. Be careful not to break the ribbon.




Pull the zipper lock to the top.




Then the two sides of the teeth are merged together.




Put the zipper lock in again (there is a certain difficulty, because the diameter of the metal zipper is thicker, if not, cut a small hole in the diameter, remember, do not cut in the place where the big teeth are installed, should rely on the top place to cut, otherwise the big teeth can not be installed).




Put the zipper lock in and put the big teeth on.




Because zippers have different adaptability in different environments, when choosing and purchasing zippers, the manufacturer must be informed of the products you choose to use, and also the manufacturer's requirements for the composition of zippers, such as whether the needle can be checked, etc.

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