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Requirements for washing and ironing metal zippers

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Because when washing and ironing metal zippers, improper treatment will lead to discoloration or corrosion of metal zippers. Below Dongguan metal zipper manufacturers share the requirements of washing and ironing metal zippers for you.




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When the metal zipper is washed and processed in the open state, its impurities will enter the zipper to a certain extent, which will easily be damaged. So in the process of washing and processing, please do it with the zipper closed.




Before putting the metal zipper into the dryer, please close the zipper and fix the zipper. When washing, the front end of the top stop will damage the fabric and the tape will shrink. A highly alkaline detergent or chlorine bleach melts the paraffin or oil film applied to the zipper.




In the ironing process of metal zipper, it is necessary to close the zipper properly. The zipper should be fixed in the normal position. Never let the zipper and the zipper be put upside down or erected and spread a cloth before ironing. Otherwise, unexpected things will happen.




The temperature of the iron needs to be changed effectively with the material when it is used. The zipper will also have its proper temperature when it is used. In this way, the strength and beauty of the zipper can be effectively maintained to a certain extent.




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