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What zipper tooth shape is more suitable?

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What kind of material is the quality of zipper better and more durable? What zipper tooth shape is more suitable? This is what we all ask when we use zippers.




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Zipper teeth are generally divided into three types: metal zipper (brass for teeth raw materials); resin zipper teeth (polymethylmethacrylate for teeth raw materials); nylon zipper teeth (nylon monofilament for teeth raw materials). Zipper ribbons are made of talon filaments. There are many kinds of teeth. Zinc alloy and copper zippers are the main types of zippers.




Resin zipper teeth mesh best, because the mold is fixed, teeth will not change, so will not release the chain.




Nylon zippers are inexpensive, lightweight and most prone to problems because the nylon monofilament is unstable and sometimes cracks.




Metal zippers have good texture and can be plated in various colors. Tooth meshing depends on the manufacturer's workmanship quality, and the die can be adjusted.




What zipper tooth shape is more suitable? It depends on what zipper tooth shape you want to choose.

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