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How can long-term lubrication of metal zippers be achieved?

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We all encounter such a situation, that is, when our clothes were just bought, the metal zipper is very good to pull, and the use of a long time will have a bad pull situation, then how can the long-term lubrication of the metal zipper be achieved?




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1. The simplest way is to coat the surface of the metal zipper with wax and use the lubrication of wax to achieve smooth results. You can wipe the metal zipper back and forth with a candle, then try to pull it a few times, and then repeat it several times from bottom to top, so as to achieve the goal of smoothness. In addition to wax, the lubricating oil of sewing machine can also be used. After dropping a few drops at the position of the pulling ring, repeated pulling can also achieve smooth purpose.




2. When the metal zipper is not easy to pull, you can pull the tail of the metal zipper, straighten the metal zipper, and then repeatedly pull it up from the bottom to check whether it is smooth, if not what is the reason. There are many times, because there are other things in the metal zipper card, which lead to the problem of smoothness. It only needs to clear some obstacles, and then it can be restored to normal.




3. Pull the tail part of the metal zipper, straighten it, then pull it up from the bottom to see if it is smooth. If not, you can find a wax and apply it on the surface of the metal zipper. This wax can be obtained from the outer coating of some medicines. Of course, candles can also be used. Rub it back and forth on the metal zipper.




4. In order to avoid similar situation, a wind-discipline hook can be sewn on the top position of the metal zipper, so that the hook can hook the square hole at the top, so as to achieve the purpose of smooth zipper.




5. It is also possible that the bag type itself causes the metal zipper not to be flat, such as frog pockets, which is easy to occur in the process. Or try to use some good quality metal zippers, such as double zippers or good quality zippers, in order to avoid affecting the quality of bulk goods and reduce the degree of bad pulling.




Generally, the number of metal zippers is very small. It is OK to rub each zipper head or chain with paraffin. If the amount of zipper is too large, the efficiency is too slow, then only zipper lubricant can be used, as long as the whole zipper or zipper head is foamed in the zipper lubricant.




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