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Do you know enough about metal zippers?

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As we all know, metal zipper is a kind of zipper. It refers to the zipper made of copper, white copper or aluminium. Do you know enough about metal zipper?




Dongguan Metal Zipper





1. In the process of using zipper, attention should be paid to whether the cloth and fabric of zipper are the same. When zipper is used on waterproof fabric, attention should be paid to the fact that the fabric will absorb oil stains in zipper, resulting in stains on the fabric. The metal zipper of cotton belt is easy to change color after dyeing, so proofing test is needed before production.




2. First of all, we need to know what zippers are used for, such as boxes, clothing, shoes, or leather products.




3. When ironing the metal zipper, the temperature must be within the prescribed range, and the temperature will change with the change of the material, so that the zipper can have a beautiful appearance and hard strength at the same time.




4. When washing metal zippers, it is necessary to close the zippers and fix the zippers. If washing is used, the cloth belt will shrink easily and the cloth will be damaged.




The above content is the knowledge about metal zipper shared by Xiaobian for you, which I hope will be helpful to you!

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