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Making DIY four-color bracelet with recycled waste zipper

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Waste zippers are not good for the environment if they are discarded at will. Recycling waste zippers can not only protect the environment but also recycle waste zippers, killing two birds with one stone. Recycling waste zippers can also be used to make DIY four-color bracelets.




Guan Recycling Zipper Factory





1. The material to be prepared is a zipper on four old clothes of any color, and a cloth to measure the wrist length (or to solve it directly with a tape ruler).




2. Sewing the zippers of any three colors side by side on the sewing machine.




3. Cut off the excess zipper length according to the size of wrist. Then, the fourth zipper is perpendicular to the other three zippers and sewn up from the end.




4. After the other side of the fourth zipper is sewn, after cutting off the excess length, pay attention to leaving a thrust clip at the end of the zipper.




5. Completed DIY zipper bracelet.




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