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Sewing Method of Handbag Zipper

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The handbag zipper is composed of chain teeth, zippers, limit codes (front and rear codes) or locking parts. Handbag zippers also need to be sewed. What is the sewing method of handbag zippers?




Hardware zipper head





1. "Hidden form" method of sewing zipper: Hidden form is an easy and fast way to install zipper. Highlights of science and technology hint that because there is no need for fake line and front line, using invisible zipper press foot, it can make the wire car as close as possible to the zipper teeth, so that from the front it looks like zipper "disappears" in the garment piece. The invisible effect.




2. The method of sewing zipper with "middle-seam" style is to sew the seam of the clothes well and ironing the seam. Firstly, the selvage of the zipper is falsely sewn on the seam of the clothes, and then the front of the clothes is marked and the car is in the proper position. In order to be flat and not to arch the edge, one-sided foot pressing is used from the bottom to the top. The zipper foot pressing can make the thread closer to the zipper teeth, with a distance of 3/8 inches. Before the open line, the powder can be used to draw a 3/8 inch seam position on the front of the garment slice. After the open line is finished, the false seam of the zipper opening can be removed. To open the zipper.




3. "Overlapping" method of sewing zipper: 5/8 inch seam of the clothes slice car, with the seam position, sew the zipper with false thread, then ironing the seam position, put the front of the closed zipper to the back of the clothes slice in a good seam position, so that the edge of the cloth on the right side of the zipper is aligned with the edge of the clothes slice seam position. Yifeng zipper warmly reminds us to fix the zipper cloth and garment piece seam with 1/4 inch seam. Be careful not to lock the garment piece. Then turn the zipper over to the front and open the fabric along the false seam or as close as possible to the other side of the closing zipper of the false seam car. The garment piece will face up and be 3/8 inches wide from the front of the bottom of the zipper. Open line to the top, and then remove the false suture.




Before loading handbag zippers, it is better to ironing some adhesive lining on the zipper part, especially when sewing light or unstable fabrics, using a thinner adhesive lining about 1 inch wide and equal length to the zipper opening will be very helpful to the effect and appearance of the zipper.

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