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Method of dealing with thread biting in zipper

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Zipper is an aesthetic and functional product. When the zipper has biting thread, how to deal with it? Dongguan zipper manufacturer to share for you the treatment of zipper bite line method.




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If the zipper is not open smoothly in the process of using, if the zipper head will cause tooth blockage, paraffin and lubrication coating can be used on the surface and inside of the zipper teeth, and then the zipper will slip away several times.




When the zipper is running, sometimes the zipper will not move or the zipper will bite the thread. In this case, if the strong zipper is moved, the bite will become deeper and deeper. At this time, the zipper needs to be pulled back slowly. When sewing the zipper, please do not leave any hidden danger.




In this case, if the pull head is forced, the deeper the bite will be. On the one hand, the pull head should be retreated, on the other hand, the fabric should be unraveled. When biting in completely, don't pull the pull vigorously, please pull back slowly.




If the contents of zipper bag are too much, if the zipper is closed, the zipper force is too large, which will damage the teeth. In use, the zipper is effectively pulled to the lower end of the stop, and the zipper is divided into left and right parts.




In the case of eliminating the failure of zipper, it is necessary to judge the quality of zipper effectively. The dimension of the zipper length measurement method commonly used in use mainly has the following skills: preparing a steel ruler tool, fastener unit in a flat plate, it is in a natural state.




Above is Dongguan zipper manufacturer for you to share the treatment of zipper bite line method, I hope this will help you!

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