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What does the color fastness of zippers mean?

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In the process of using zippers, we often hear about the color fastness of zippers. What does the color fastness of zippers mean?




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Color fastness is the general term of zipper performance, which effectively includes the friction resistance and washability of zipper. This is mainly due to the influence of some external factors of handbags in the process of dyeing fabric processing, which will directly lead to its fading phenomenon, so the degree of fading is what we call color fastness.




In the process of making zipper, the cloth belt is a very important part. In the process of selecting and matching zipper, we also need to pay special attention to the cloth bag, mainly to see the factors of zipper belt to judge its quality, and the color fastness of zipper.




Zippers can cause damage to the structure of the fuel itself due to varying degrees of sunshine, which will directly lead to discoloration or fading of cloth bags. In summer, their sweat will also reduce the fastness to sunlight of some dispersed fuels.




If there is a compound effect between the two, the impact of zippers will be greater, so the use of zippers to maintain bright color for a long time, we must choose those after anti-ultraviolet enhancement treatment or direct selection of zippers with high sun fastness.




In general, the fabric market of zipper is made of 100% polyester, which is dyed effectively by disperse dyes at high temperature. The soaping fastness of zipper is the degree to which the fading of dyes stains single and multi-fibers. Therefore, the soaping fastness mainly depends on the dye itself and the fiber content. The magnitude of the interacting force between the subunits.




Therefore, when we wash zippers in the daily process, it is better not to use high temperature water or excessive detergent to clean the zipper cloth belt, it is better to use neutral or weak alkaline detergent, in the temperature not exceeding 30 degrees of water to clean not more than half an hour.




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