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Don't underestimate hardware zippers

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Hardware zippers are still widely used in our life. Today, Xiaobian wants to tell you, oh, for hardware zippers, you should not underestimate.




Shenzhen Hardware Zipper





Rust on Hardware Zipper




Can use soap, candles on the metal zipper wipe a few times, and then slowly pull back and forth several times, can increase the lubrication of the metal zipper, prevent metal zipper rust. If the metal zipper is rusty, you can pry the zipper a little with the tip of the knife, then slowly pull the metal zipper down, and then pinch the zipper tightly with pliers.




Hardware zipper jacket




Hardware zipper holds clothes, do not pull hard, otherwise the stuck part will become tighter and tighter, and may damage the hardware zipper. Slowly pull the cloth stuck in the metal zipper outward, while cooperating with pulling down the metal zipper, pull out the clothes bit by bit.




Maintenance of Hardware Zipper




When using metal zipper, after aligning the two teeth, pull the zipper forward slowly, do not pull too fast or too hard. Backpacks and wallets with metal zippers should not be too full, otherwise the metal zippers will easily collapse. Do not let the metal zipper damp, or contact with acid, alkali and other substances, otherwise easy to rust or corrosion, usually keep the metal zipper dry.




In daily life, many clothes and backpacks use metal zippers, but the metal zippers are a consumable, a little negligence may appear damage, not easy to use, so the metal zippers are also very particular.

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